What is a LMS all about?

Designed and developed based on meeting your unique needs, a Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application for the management, documentation, tracking reporting and delivery of e-learning education courses or training programs. Training content can be accessed, as well as complete course registration, course administration, progress and reports can be tracked, and the learning process of the company can be supervised as a whole.

Our LMS is completely scalable whatever the size of your organisation. Our pricing model means that, with no capital outlay, your business can have a content management system and elearning platform with the same level of functionality and effectiveness as major corporate companies.

Just some of our LMS’s Fantastic Features

Course Content Delivery
Student Registration and Administration
Training Event Management (i.e. scheduling, tracking)
Curriculum and Certification Management
Skills and Competencies Management
Skill Gap Analysis
Individual Development Plan (IDP)
Training Record Management
Courseware Authoring
Resource Management
Virtual Organisations
Consolidation and Centralisation of Company Documentations

Simple, easy to use, affordable, scalable training software


Installation and hardware are things you won’t have to worry about, we’ve taken care of all that. You and your students have 24/7 access to your elearning content from any device.


Add your existing videos, images, audio, documents, PDFs, SCORM files, and more.


Use our LMS’s on a desktop, laptop from a tablet to a smartphone. Start your elearning course on one device and move to another.


Single Choice

The single choice question is a classic: many options, yet only one correct answer.

Multiple Choice

The multiple choice question has many correct answer choices.

Free Text Choice

The free text question enables the user to type the answer. There may be one, or many possible answers, depending on your preference.

Sorting Choice

The sorting question type requires the user to specify an order of items.

Matrix Choice

The matrix question enables the user to match different elements with specified criteria.


The fill-in-the-blank question enables the user to fill answers within text or equations.