Self Management

Self Management

WELCOME to the Self – Management Course


The course will assist you to gain a better understanding of yourself and your circumstances, and to identify your potential skills and knowledge. Each section has a questionnaire for you to complete for re-evaluation and provides a personal reality check of your current situation.

Self- management is the lifelong process of achieving meaningful personal goals, in each of the various dimensions of self, through the development of inherent talents and skills based upon sound values. Self-management is based on the view that before you can effectively manage others, you must first be able to manage yourself. To manage yourself you must first understand yourself.


  • Please refer to the below lessons. All lessons must be completed to finish this course.
  • Included at the end of the course is a comprehensive final quiz.
  • You will be required to complete all quiz questions with a final score of at least 80% to receive your Certificate of Completion.
  • To print your certificate, visit My Account and select Progress & Results. Scroll down to find your certificate(s) achieved and select the option to print.
ENJOY the course and Good Luck!