ICB Business Management



ICB Business Management

Are you…

  • Interested in being part of your company’s management team?
  • Determined to help a business grow and increase profits?
  • Driven to run a company’s operations economically?
  • Keen to learn how to run a company efficiently?
  • Looking to start your own business some day but want to gain experience first?

Good business management is vitally important for a company’s commercial success. In this programme, you’ll learn about business and financial management best practices, office and legal practice, human resource management, computer literacy, global business strategy and research methods in commerce.

You can achieve the ICB Business Management: Foundation Level after completing just 3 subjects (and achieve the National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management). Continue your studies to progress to the Intermediate and Advanced Levels, and their associated nationally recognised qualifications.

Click on each of the levels below to find out more about them:

National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management

(NQF L4 – SAQA ID 48736)

Price (Excluding Exams and Registration Fees) R7 056.00

Entry requirements:

  • Grade 11 (Std 9) or equivalent.


1. Business Management 1
2. Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
3. Business Literacy

Jobs you’ll be able to apply for:

Assistant or administrator in human resources, office management, legal, administration, public relations, marketing, sales, customer relations. Junior Researcher, Junior Analyst, Sales Assistant.

What you’ll be able to do:

Demonstrate an understanding of the documentation, processing and recording of a business’s financial transactions. Communicate effectively with the business stakeholders. Show that you know what it means to be a general manager. Cost and price products and manage working capital. Operate a personal computer.

Higher Certificate: Office Administration

(NQF L5 – SAQA ID 23619)


Price (Excluding Exams and Registration Fees) R10 924.00

Entry requirements:

  • National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management (must include the Business Management 1 subject)


4. Office and Legal Practice
5. Business Management 2
6. Marketing Management and Public Relations
7. Financial Statements
8. Human Resources Management and Labour Relations

Jobs you’ll be able to apply for:

Senior Office Administrator, Secretary, General Office Manager, Human Resources Manager, Labour Relations Manager, Field/Floor/Store/Department Supervisor, Customer Service Manager.

What you’ll be able to do:

Manage your diary and work schedule as a manager. Operate efficiently as a general office manager of a business. Apply marketing, law, PR, and economics principles in business. Draw up and interpret financial statements and reports. Work efficiently with the HR and labour relations departments. Apply business growth principles for local and global expansion.

National Diploma: Financial Accounting

(NQF L6 – SAQA ID 20366)

Price (Excluding Exams and Registration Fees) R6 534.00

Entry requirements:

  • Higher Certificate: Office Administration (must include the Business Management 2 subject).


9. Business Management 3
10. Financial Management and Control
11. Financial Reporting and Regulatory Frameworks
12. Research Theory and Practice (by short dissertation, topic: Business Management)

Jobs you’ll be able to apply for:

Financial Accountant, Accounting Officer (via SAIBA if you meet their criteria). Field/Floor/Store/Department Manager, Key Account Manager, Business Manager, Business Consultant, Business Advisor, Service or Sales Manager.

What you’ll be able to do:

Work with management information systems at a corporate level. Prepare a business for internal/external audit. Apply principles of strategic intent and strategic thinking in a global business environment. Apply managerial finance and control principles in a commercial environment. Draw up and interpret financial statements and reports in accordance with IFRS.

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